After Easter Resources For Follow Up

Hopefully after Easter Weekend, you’ll have some new additions to your family of faith.  The week after Easter is one of the most strategic times in your calendar.  If things went as planned, they’ve filled out your connection card and perhaps they have a gift bag and an invite to your next event already in hand.

But for those who’ve indicated that they are making some kind of decision this weekend, don’t just leave them with a mug and an email.  Put some resources in their hands that will help them take either their first or next step in Christ. Here are a few suggestion for New Believers, Existing Believers who want to grow, and New Disciple Makers that will help you in your follow up.

For New Believers

When someone comes to faith, it is literally a spiritual birth.  And like all newborns, this person will need love, attention, and food!  Here are two different lessons you can ask a Disciple Maker to do with a New Believer in a one on one time together.

Early Lessons

OPTION #1: FIRST STEPS,  PART 1, PART 2, PART 3, PART 4, PART 5: This 5 part study is simply written to allow anyone to guide new believer some of the basics of the faith.

OPTION #2: COMMANDS OF CHRIST: A slightly more intense accountability and application driven approach is provided here by our friends at No Place Left.

Early Reading

It’s important to get new believers in scripture as soon as possible.  Here are two options for daily reading:

OPTION #1: Getting Started In Mark: This guides your reader through the shortest gospel to quickly get them familiar with the story of Jesus.  It also teaches them what to look for when they read and to record their observations.  It’s structured after The Bible Project video on Mark which is also a fantastic resource.  Slide1OPTION #2: KeyVerses:  These verses and short commentary are chosen for how applicable they are to new believers.  You can print them out, send them as a pdf or text/email each verse daily.

Other resources can be found in our Getting Started With Believers page.


For Existing Believers Who Are Recommitting to Grow

If someone who’s already a Believer or Disciple shows signs that they really want to grow, these two resource could really help.

STEP #1: Spiritual Growth Assessment– This assessment tool lets their disciple maker know where they need to grow and where they are feeling stuck.  They’ll just need to enter their email and the email of their discipler to get the results sent to them.  Test for yourself by entering your own email under “mentor/discipler”.

STEP #2: Growth Rhythms Plan– This growth rhythm plan is a great way to get people involved in the rhythms of life that will help them grow spiritually.  There are 9 rhythms in 3 categories.  Ask them what they are currently doing in each, if anything.  Then help them come up with some goals they can work towards in each area.  If they’ve taken assessment above, they will have already shared how it’s going in each area.  The pdf includes a conversation guide to help a disciple maker explain each rhythm.

Growth Rhythms Planning GuideThere are more helps for Disciples on our Getting Started With Disciples page.

For New Disciple Makers That Will Help You

We should always be developing new disciple makers year round but it may be even more crucial if you have a surge of responses and need quality follow up.  New disciple makers appreciate all the help and guidance you can give them.  We have a “First Time Disciple Maker”  help sheet.  It’s one page but has links embedded in it to more resources.  It is written for people who are discipling others through Stages but most of it is useful for any approach.

You can see more helps for Disciple Makers in our Getting Started With Disciple Makers page.


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