The Walk by Stephen Smallman would circle back and cover both many of the lessons in the Commands of Christ and a rereading of the Gospel of Mark.  It would also introduce the reader to Romans and a deeper understanding of the gospel.  Each chapter has its own assigned biblical reading and exercises.  Use this guide to help you with your time together.


4-1-1 Training was created by the #NoPlaceLeft crew and it is designed to answer 4 questions in 1 hour on 1 sheet of paper.  The questions are:

  1. Why make disciples?
  2. Who should we talk to?
  3. What should we share?
  4. When should we do it?

People may have been exposed to this training in previous stages.   Disciples should be encouraged to start learning how to pass this training on to others.  There is also a 4-1-1 app and a video of the training that can be download that summarizes the training but without an immediate application time (going out and sharing) it is not as effective.


There may be a few areas of understanding that need to be reinforced in the life of a disciple.  Although needs will be different for different people we recommend you address the following: 1. Identity, 2. Idolatry, 3. Spiritual Disciplines.  You need to find resources you are comfortable using for these issues.  Here are a few suggestions.

imagesIDENTITY: Caesar Kalinowski’s book Transformed explains how our identity in Christ becomes the basis for our life change.  We are family, servants, missionaries and life long learners when we become Christians.  We have to let our identity transform or behavior, not try to make our behavior transform our identity.  Here is a preview video of the book.  Other resources on identity can be found here.


IDOLATRY:  Tim Keller’s book Counterfeit Gods deals with discovering and rooting out deep idols in our life.  Keller explains how idols aren’t always bad things, in fact, they are usually good things that become ultimate things.  You can see the preview video here.  Other resources on idolatry can be found here.


SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES:  There are plenty of options in this category.  Don Whitney‘s book  Spiritual Disciplines For The Christian Life covers: Scripture Reading & Study, Prayer, Worship, Scripture Meditation, Evangelism, Serving, Stewardship of Time and Money, Scripture Application, Fasting, Silence & Solitude, Journaling and Learning.  Other resources on spiritual disciplines can be found here.


My good friend Paul Johnson, the creator of STAGES, wrote some helpful guides on how to help someone dig deeper in their study of scripture through either a word, verse, character or chapter study.  Another resource to help someone know, love, trust, and obey what they are reading in scripture is the Digging Deeper Guide pdf.  These should not be replacements for daily readings but rather weekly projects you can review with the person you are working with.