First Time Disciple Makers

Congratulations! You’re doing some of the most important work in the church and on this earth. If your nervous, its ok!  That’s probably a good sign! Disciple making is THE mission given to us by Jesus. He promises the Holy Spirit will be with us every step of the way.


Pray For The Person You Are Discipling

Pray that…

  • they will want to grow
  • they would be faithful to what you will ask them to do
  • they will be willing to share openly and honestly
  • they will sense God at work in their lives
  • idols, sins and fears would be revealed
  • the love and grace of God would overwhelm them
  • they would look more like Jesus

Send Them A Spiritual Growth Assessment

Here’s the link for the assessment:

They’ll need to input your name and email address for you to get their results.

Set Up A Time For Your First Meet-Up

Easy enough!  Suggest meeting for about 90 minutes.

Plan For Your First Meet-Up

  1. Look over and print out their results (click here for a sample)
  2. Look over and print out the Meet-Up Guide
  3. Look over and print out the Growth Rhythms Planning Sheet


Lead Your First Meet-Up

  1. Share with them the goal of discipleship- life transformation into Christlikeness.
  2. Introduce the Meet-Up guide as the format you’ll use when you’re together and let them know how long and how often you will meet.  We suggest 90 minute meet-ups every other week.
  3. Use your Look Back time this week to go over their assessment. Talk especially about the areas they’ve indicated they want to grow in and the things that are holding them back from growth. (near the end)
  4. Use your Look Up time to fill out the Growth Rhythms plan together. This just makes sure they are living out healthy rhythms in between your Meet-Up’s. They’ve answered what they’re currently doing in their assessment. This plan is for any changes they or you want to make. Take a picture of whatever they’ve committed to.
  5. Use your Look Ahead time to pray for your relationship and for faithfulness to your Growth Rhythms in the following week. Make sure they know they should start on them right away.

Lead Subsequent Meet-Up’s

  1. Make sure you’ve looked around the website (specifically their stage) and look at the lessons offered.
  2. Pick one lesson out (you’ll do all of them so essentially pick the order) and print out 2 copies or have them print out their own or just use digital copies. Click Here for a sample lesson.  Don’t forget to print out a Meet-Up guide as well.
  3. Choose a few questions from Look Back time to ask when you first arrive.  Ask them how they’re doing in their growth rhythms.
  4. Move on to your worksheet in Look Up time.  Read it out loud together alternating paragraphs. Everything in red/parenthesis is meant to be a note to the leader but read it out loud anyway. Make sure you share the examples it asks for and have them do the same. Look up and read all Scriptures. This is less you teaching than both of you exploring. But you are leading the exploration. Use the Look Up questions at the end of your session.
  5. Go over the first Look Ahead question (critical) and then ask them what they’ll be committing to work on in the next couple of weeks
  6. Pray and be done!

Pray For And Check Up On The Person You Are Discipling In The Off Week

Discipleship without a genuine care for one another is insincere.  Grow a friendship with the person you are working with.  Don’t just treat them like a project.

Disciple making is never easy but it’s always worth it.  Don’t quit, even when it’s difficult.  This kind of work changes eternity.

Click here for the Disciple Maker’s FAQ’s we use at our church!

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