What an amazing opportunity to work with a DISCIPLE!  We’ll show you how to move a DISCIPLE,  who feeds themselves, to become a DISCIPLE MAKER who feeds others.  We promise that if you use STAGES in the way it’s intended, you’ll produce DISCIPLE MAKERS.

Let’s get started by getting familiar with the DISCIPLE Stage.  What’s a DISCIPLE? Click here for how we define DISCIPLE and other FAQs.  Once you’re comfortable with the definition, start the following steps:

Step 1- MAKE SURE THE PERSON YOU ARE WORKING WITH HAS FILLED OUT THE STAGES ONLINE ASSESSMENT FORM. The assessment will help you understand where they are and what you need to do to help them.  You’ll automatically receive a copy of their results with some instructions on what to do next.  Find the form here.Step 2- A. HAVE A CONVERSATION ABOUT GROWTH RHYTHMS.  Not sure what those are?  Growth Rhythms are the regular practices of growing Christians.  You’ll need to teach the person you’re working with these life-long rhythms early on.  Click here to download a conversation guide about Growth Rhythms. There are suggestions for each stage and a way to make goals for each rhythm.   B. GET FAMILIAR WITH THE MEET-UP GUIDE.  You’ll use it every time you get together to stay on track.  You can find the Meet-Up Guide here.  Eventually, looking back, looking up, and looking ahead will come naturally.

Discussing their Online Assessment Results, Growth Rhythms, and the Meet-Up guide would make a great first session.

Step 3- GET STARTED WORKING ON DIFFERENT GROWTH AREAS.  Some of these lessons will teach or reinforce Growth Rhythms.  Most of these lessons are based on emails written from a Disciple Maker to the person they were working with. Do them in the order you think would be the most helpful for the person you’re working with.  Just print them out and read them together or send them a link ahead of time to read.  It’s okay for them to know you’re using a worksheet to guide you.  It will help them to know what to do when they eventually start working with someone on their own.





Remember to use a Meet-Up Guide to help you organize your time no matter which topic you choose.  If you get done with all the material above but still want to spend time working on this stage , check out these extra resources and suggestions.

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