Reviewing The Gospel With A New Believer

When reviewing the Gospel with a new believer make sure you are using shorter, easy to remember explanations. They are both easier to digest and to reproduce.  Here are three things you can share:

The 3 Circles

Here’s a great example of the 3 Circles by our friend Troy Cooper from NPL.

2 Corinthians 5:17-21 New Creation / Ambassadors

Another good explanation from Troy.

The Pie Illustration- Lordship


This is a good illustration about Lordship that Paul Worcester uses in his Gospel Appointments and it helps people understand Lordship a little better.  From his guide:

“The point of the pie illustration is to explain “Lordship.” Lordship means that Jesus is the leader and king of your life. He calls the shots in every area of life. Lordship means leaving your self-ruled life for a Jesus-ruled life.

  1. Draw one pie chart. Say, “this is the way most people live life.” Write in different areas of life such as girlfriend, job, school, family, future, free time, friends and sometimes God gets a slice. Then say, “that is not what it means to be a Christian.”
  2. Draw a second pie chart. Draw a circle with a big cross in the middle and explain that Jesus leads you and empowers you to do each of these areas in a way that honors Him. Write in those areas and mention how He may impact those areas. Say something like, “it’s an amazing blessing to have Jesus influencing every area of your life.”
  3. Simply ask: “Which pie chart would you like to most represent your life?”


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